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STAR Version 5.15 - released November 19, 2015

Publications – Peer Reviewed checkbox default to TRUE

On the Publications screen we now default the Peer Reviewed to Yes on all new publications. Most publications are peer reviewed so this change now errs on the side of setting the value to true.
Peer Reviewed Checkbox

Frequent Activities Menu

Introducing a new Dynamic (Purple) menu called Frequent Activities View. This view summarizes the ‘busy’ screens in STAR into one menu. Same screens just presented to you in a different order.
Coupled with the Monthly Activity Tracking document, this is a concise, and easy way to enter your repeating or most common activities.
Frequent Activities Menu

Publications Data Grid fields

Publications Data grid has been updated to spilt the citation data from Journal Name field. This is just a visual change, no data has been modified.

Publications Data Grid

Create Maintenance of Certification from Presentations

You now have the ability to create a CME Maintenance of Certification record directly from the Presentations screen. A checkbox called Add MOC Record at the top of the presentations data entry screen will automatically create a Section 1 / Accredited Conferences / Small Group Learning (Royal College) OR Section 1 – MainPro M1 / Conferences, Courses and Workshops / Group Learning (Canadian Family Physicians College) record for you.
This is intended for conferences that you both attend and present at.
Create MOC from Presentations 1
Create MOC from Presentations 2

STAR Version 5.14 - released April 30, 2015

CME Certificate Upload

STAR 5.14 was released on April 30, 2015. You now have the ability to upload a scanned copy of your CME certificates for an event recorded in the Maintenance of Certification screen. You should limit the scanned document size to 2Mb maximum size and the file type should be PDF, however .txt, .doc, .docx can also be uploaded.
CME certification upload
CME certification upload

New Fields

Two screens have some new fields that will be used when completing your Teaching Dossier. The Program Teaching screen has a Standard Course Description, Include Member Additional Comments, and Faculty Additional Comments fields while the Administrative Committees screen has Main Activities and Contribution fields.

STAR Version 5.13 - released January 22, 2015

STAR 5.13, released on January 22, 2015, contains several important updates.

Database Audit

The new Database Audit feature is found in the General Menu. This feature allows you to search your entire database, or any individual STAR page, for "Mandatory Fields" which contain no data. Fixing all of the items in this result will greatly increase the quality of your CV output.

DB Audit image

SSMD Professional CV Live Editor

The CV Live Editor will allow you to Edit the CV in place via a New STAR Interface. As this is a New Feature, we are asking all users to let their STAR Coordinator know if you have any problems or suggestions for improvement.

cv editior image

STAR Version 5.12 - released October 2, 2014

STAR 5.12, released on October 2, 2014, contains several important updates.

Menu changes

The Grants menu label has been renamed to Grants and Clinical Funding.
The Clinical Teaching menu label has been renamed to Clinical Service Teaching.
These minor menu changes will have no effect on the data or the reports.

New fields on Data Grid

Last Modified User and Last Modified Date are two new fields displayed on all Data Grid screens:

last modified user and date image
On every data grid in STAR, two new fields have been introduced, that visually indicate the last modified user and the last modified date for that specific record. These fields are display only and will NOT appear on the data entry screen (pop up screen).

If you sort by Last Modified Date (clicking on the field heading twice - downwards arrow) then the data grid will always display the most recent record first. This is useful when you are editing a record in the middle of many records and want to quickly find that record again.

These fields can be hidden through the Grid Columns for each screen in STAR.

grid column hide field image

SSMD Professional CV Report Screen

A checkbox has been added to the Professional CV generation screen to Include All Grants and Clinical Trials. This will print all grants and trials grouped by their status (Funded, Applied, Not-Funded, Declined, Rejected). If the Checkbox is left UNCHECKED, then only Applied and Funded Grants and Clinical Trials will print. This is how the current Professional CV is generated.

report options image

Lock Teaching Effectiveness Records

At the request of the Department of Medicine, the Teaching Effectiveness screen now has the ability to lock records from Faculty and Member Secretaries. Department Coordinators will still have the ability to edit and lock/unlock these records. The Lock option is available on each data entry screen (one record at a time) or through the Bulk Edit feature.
Locking records will prevent Faculty and Member Secretaries from making any changes to a specific TE record.

Teaching Dossier

A minor change to include printing of months in the Supervision and Mentoring sections on the Teaching Dossier.

BioSketch Report

An overhaul of the BioSketch report. It is now much more suited to what Faculty have requested in the past.

Endowed Chairs and other Funding

A small change on both Professional and Promotion CVs to reorganize this section.

Institution/Organization field

In the Institution/Organization 'smart field' University of Western Ontario has been renamed to Western University. Do not change old data but use the new value Western University going forward.


  1. Expose the Volume, Issue, and Page Range for Commentaries publication type in data entry screen
  2. Expose the Status field for the Newsletter publication type in data entry screen.
  3. Fix a chronological sorting bug in Presentations on the Professional CV.