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Grants and Clinical Funding

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry would like to capture all grant applications in the STAR application.

Grant status is a field with 5 values. Schulich recommends capturing all Grant activity regardless of the status. This gives Faculty Members the ability to be recognized for the valuable work efforts put into each application. An important note is the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Professional CV will only print Grant/Trial data with Applied or Funded status values. The Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Promotion CV will include all statuses.

  • Applied - The grant has been applied for.
  • Declined - The grant was funded but you "declined" it. This could be due to resource availability or similar
  • Funded - the grant was funded.
  • Not-Funded - The grant was not funded. This important indicator is useful to show the value of the grant application but timing or other constraints prevented it from active funding.
  • Rejected - The grant application was rejected.