R. Jane Rylett

Jane Rylett


PH.D. University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. University of Western Ontario

Lab Office: Robarts Research Institute
Lab p. 519.663.5777 x. 24078
f. 519.661.3827 
e. jane.rylett@schulich.uwo.ca

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Research in my laboratory is in cellular and molecular neurobiology, focusing predominantly on presynaptic function of cholinergic neurons. We address fundamental questions aboutthe regulation of cholinergic neurons, and how neurochemical communication may be altered in aging and disease. Cholinergic neurons control diverse physiological processes including learning and memory, sleep and movement, and their degeneration early in Alzheimer disease is key to the loss of cognitive function and attentional processing or in neuromuscular disease results in a loss of motion and respiratory failure. The main approach to our studies is with a range of methods at the cellular, molecular, proteomic and genomic levels, combined with high-resolution imaging of live cells to evaluate neuronal responses to their environment and protein trafficking events. Our recent investigations have identified mechanisms that are involved in the regulation of the cholinergic neuronal proteins choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and choline transport (CHT) and expression of cholinergic neuronal phenotype, the crystal structure of human ChAT and structural basis of catalysis, identification of phosphorylation sites in cholinergic-specific proteins and the role of phosphorylation in the regulation of their function, and protein interactions that alter cholinergic protein function. We have also been actively involved in collaborative studies of changes in cholinergic neuron function in subjects with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer disease, evaluation of effects of treatments using advanced imaging approaches and development of imaging approaches to improve diagnostic accuracy and track disease progression.


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