One Health


What is One Health?

One Health is an integrated effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally and globally to attain optimal health for humans, animals and the environment.

The Honors Specialization in One Health, leading to a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSc) degree, was created in collaboration with Western University’s Departments of Sociology and Geography in the Faculty of Social Science to enrich the learning experience of students.

The module offers an innovative, interdisciplinary education and research experience for students, which focuses on the intricate link between animal health, environmental health, socioeconomic factors and human health.

Why is the Honors Specialization in One Health unique?

  • It provides access to unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge in life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities with the focus on attaining optimal human health.
  • It offers research projects in the senior year with access to supervisors from various departments and faculties at Western University.


One Health 4100 F/G – Animal Health, Human Health and Comparative Pathology

The One Health concept acknowledges the global interdependence of people, animals, and the environment. This course focuses on the animal component of One Health. Areas of exploration will include wildlife, livestock, and companion animals, in addition to the use of animals in research, and comparative human and animal pathology.

Antirequisite(s): Medical Sciences 4100F/G
Prerequisite(s): Enrolment in Year 4 of one of the following: an Honors Specialization in One Health, a BMSc degree, or an Honors BSc degree.
Extra Information: 3 lecture hours.

One Health 4980 E– Seminar & Research Project

Includes: i) theory and practice of research techniques and appropriate use of experimental models, ii) an independent research project supervised by faculty, iii) oral and written communication skills, including the preparation of a research proposal and final written research project report.

Antirequisite(s): Pathology 4980E
Pre-or Corequisite(s): Pathology 3500 with a mark of at least 70% or the former Pathology 3240A and the former Pathology 3245B with marks of at least 70% in each; and registration in Year 4 of the Honors Specialization in One Health.
Extra Information: 10-15 laboratory/research hours per week plus 3 seminar hours per week.