13th Annual Autoantibody Network Conference


The 13th Annual Conference of the Autoantibody Network (AAN) was held September 18-20, 2019 in Mississauga, Ontario and was attended by a group from the Specialty Biochemistry Labs.

This conference is a unique practical sharing of many important aspects of autoantibody testing. The conference focused on Autoimmune Neurological Channelopathies, Autoimmune Kidney Disease, Molecular Testing in Autoimmune Disease; Clinical Service, Experience & Automation; Quality Assessment & Case Discussion; other Diagnostic Markers as well as Round Table Discussion.

Great talks were given by members of our group. Dr. Liju Yang, Section Head for Clinical Immunology and Trace Elements gave a presentation on “Autoantibody Testing Strategies" and Pam Edmond, Senior Technologist in the Specialty Biochemistry Labs presented “A Streamlined Approach to Anti-Nuclear Antibody and Autoimmune Liver Disease Testing using Immunofluorescence with Reflex Testing to Immunoblot and ELISA Analysis”.