two nurses smiling for the camera in a hospital room

Western-Fanshawe Collaborative BScN Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BScN) is a 4-year program that qualifies graduates to apply for registration as a professional nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario. The program is offered collaboratively by Western University and Fanshawe College.

There are two streams in the program:

Western Site:  Students remain at Western University for all four years of the program.
Fanshawe College Site:  Students study at Fanshawe for the first two years before moving to Western for Years 3 and 4.

Compressed Time Frame BScN Program

The Compressed Time Frame Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) is a 19-month course of study that prepares students for careers as Registered Nurses (RN) and qualifies graduates to apply for registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

  • Students study for 5 consecutive terms
  • The program commences in September (year 1) and concludes in April (year 2)
  • Only full-time registration is offered
  • 64 students are accepted into the program each year

Pathology offers an online course (Pathology 2420A) in general and systemic pathology to the nursing students in the collaborative Western-Fanshawe BScN program. The course material is accessed through OWL.  

Tutorial sessions are given at both Western University and the Fanshawe locations.


Pathology 2420A – Pathology for Nursing Students

A survey course providing an understanding of fundamental mechanisms of disease processes. The first half of the course presents pathogenesis of diseases common to all organ systems; the second half concentrates on disease in most of the major organ systems including cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Extra Information: 2 lecture hours/wk or equivalent online delivery with 1 tutorial hour/wk, 0.5 course.
Enrollment limited to students in the Western-Fanshawe collaborative BScN program.