International Clinical Cytometry Society Annual Meeting


International Clinical Cytometry Society Annual Meeting, October 5-8, 2019 

The goals of these events are to help participants increase their knowledge of current tools and technologies available for patient sample analysis, better understand the accepted methodologies and benchmarks for patient sample analysis and diagnosis, and to increase their competence in using analytical software applications.

The main topics of interest this year were minimal residual disease testing for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia patients, which we do in our lab here at LHSC, as well as the amazing applications of CAR T-cell therapy.  I personally also attended workshops on analyzing data on patients with T-cell neoplasms, as well as a workshop explaining the updates in flow cytometric testing for immunodeficiency.  It was overall, a very educational experience which allowed me to meet lots of brilliant people within my field.

Leah Coad, MLT, Flow Cytometry