Simulation Workshops


The first component of PROP is the Simulation Workshops.  Simulation allows a participant to experience a real-life medical problem without causing harm or danger to a real patient.  It is a learning experience to provide people with the opportunity to assess and treat a specific medical condition.  It also allows teams to learn about effective communication and role division.  Studies have found that up to 80% of all medical errors are due to teamwork skills as opposed to deficits in medical knowledge.   Simulation is hoping to help combat that issue.

Each PROP simulation workshop is comprised of multiple scenarios.  Each scenario has a dedicated amount of time for the participants to assess and treat the patient.  After the scenario is complete there is a debrief which allows participants to lead a conversation about what went well, what could be improved on, changes they want to make in the future and much more.

PROP is providing medical simulation on paediatric patients to places that may not even have a paediatrician at the hospital.  By bringing the mannequins to the host hospital it allows for the most accurate learning as it is in their own facility which has a set up that participants are familiar with.  By performing a simulation day in a host space it may even establish some practical issues that exist in that space.  

In 2017 PROP travelled to two hospitals to provide simulation workshops.  The learners in Cambridge and in Stratford participated in three scenarios as well as had a lunchtime lecture.  Some of the things that they had to say were:

“The scenarios were awesome the instructors were patient and knowledgeable and gave great feedback without making the staff feel stupid”

“Excellent focus on communication skills”

“Stressful situations allowed me to test and reinforce my knowledge and recognize how errors occur”

 “The simulation gave me an opportunity to participate in high acuity, low occurrence and in a very safe learning environment”

“Thank you for such a great opportunity!”

Year Past Simulation Workshop Locations
2017 Stratford
2017 Cambridge
2018 Ingersoll
2019 Stratford
2022 Ingersoll
2023 Stratford


Is a simulation day something your hospital would be interested in?  For more information regarding the PROP Simulation Workshops, please contact, Renée Vachon Media and CME Coordinator.