Virtual - Case Based Lecture Series


The Zoom Lecture Series is an educational series that provides online lectures on a variety of topics related to paediatric health.  Starting in April 2019 the zoom lecture Series has provided a presentation once a month on a variety of topics including sepsis, paediatric transport, trauma, assessment of a sick child, bronchiolitis, pre-school asthma, febrile infant and more.  Some people that may be interested in this educational opportunity are General Academic Paediatricians, Community Paediatricians, Family Medicine Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Allied Health Professionals, Paediatric and Family Medicine Residents, Medical students interested in pursuing paediatric medicine.  To register for this opportunity please contact Megan Dykstra CME Coordinator or visit our paediatric CME page.


Date Talk
September 18th, 2024 Paediatric Triangle Assessment to help Guide your Nursing Assessment
October 16th, 2024 Diabetes Keto Acidosis (DKA)
November 20th, 2024 Upper airway obstruction - common causes and approach


Past Lectures
Sepsis Dr. Rahul Ojha
Transport Dr. Anna Gunz
Trauma Dr. Tim Lynch
Assessment of a Sick Child Dr. Krista Helleman
Bronchiolitis Dr. Rahul Ojha
Pre School Asthma Dr. Dirk Brock
Febrile Infant Dr. Sepideh Taheri
Heart Murmurs Dr. Luis Altamirano Diaz
Child Protection Dr. Tamara VanHooren
Respiratory Emergency Dr. Janice Tijssen
COVID Virus Presentation ID, IPAC
Meningitis Dr. Breanna Chen
DKA Dr. Rahul Ojha
Normal Newborn Emergencies Dr. Anita Cheng
Hemoglobinopathies - Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Dr. Some Tole
Status Epilepticus and Febrile Seizure Dr. Krista Helleman
Upper Airway Obstruction Dr. Shruti Mehrotra
Puberty Dr. Andrea Ens
Common Gastro Cases Dr. Eileen Crowley
Paediatric and Adolescent Gyne Dr. Marcia Edmonds
Management of Status Epilepticus in Children Dr. Rishi Ganesan
Assessment of the Sick Child Dr. Krista Helleman