Dr. Greg Garvin

Greg Garvin
Dr. Greg Garvin
Associate Professor – Department of Medical Imaging
St. Joseph’s Health Care

A graduate of Western’s MD program in 1988 and Radiology Residency Training Program in 1993, Dr. Greg Garvin has been an integral part of the faculty in Medical Imaging since 1994. In addition to his training at Western, Dr. Garvin completed fellowships in Interventional Radiology and Musculoskeletal Radiology at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit and The University of California, San Francisco respectively.

Dr. Garvin has been an active supervisor for residents from other departments and services, as well as for our own Radiology and Nuclear Medicine residents, many of whom have gone on to become faculty members themselves. Dr. Garvin was recently singled out for his role in residency education. He was nominated for, and received the coveted Academic Excellence Award for Clinical Imaging and Role Modeling at the 2014 London Imaging Discovery symposium.

Dr. Garvin’s research interests include: Collaboration Tools for Health Care Workers Using Digital Imaging, Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Musculoskeletal Imaging and the Development of a Multitouch Gesture Interface Controller for Digital Imaging.