Breast Imaging

Description of division:
The division of breast imaging is a consolidated program located at St Joseph Health Care (SJHC) and consists of 6 Faculty members, representing all teaching hospitals affiliated with Western University. Our division provides strong clinical and academic program in close collaborations with regional, national and international centres focusing on improvement of breast cancer detection, the patient’s experience and outcomes. Our team approach is based on strong partnerships with medical/radiation oncology and breast surgery to provide integrated advanced patient care and superb multidisciplinary research to support the approach in personalized medicine. Our program assists and leads development and validation of advanced imaging techniques and practices and equipped with most advanced technology, which have been taught to other breast imaging centres across Canada and overseas thus having a global impact in patient care and outcomes.

We perform over 40,000 breast imaging studies (screening, diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasound), over 1000 Contrast Enhanced Mammography exams, over 2000 breast MRI and approximately 3000 interventional procedures (stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI guided procedures, wire and I-125 seed localizations) per year.

The faculty of the breast division organizes and participates in multiple continuing professional development initiatives, including the annual Thames Valley Breast Imaging Seminar. Several members are regularly invited as speakers in multidisciplinary national and international conferences. The faculty also collaborate closely with CAR, the Canadian Society of Breast Imaging and OAR in developing guidelines and educational events.

The residency program dedicates four months of Breast Imaging rotations which provide the residents with a large volume of hands on clinical work on all breast imaging modalities, training in interventional breast procedures, weekly rounds, didactic lectures and research projects.

The breast division hosts 2-3 comprehensive fellowship positions a year and provides an in-depth exposure to a tertiary level multidisciplinary experience in management of breast diseases, diagnostic, interventional and academic breast imaging experiences and aligns with the North American breast fellowship requirement. Many of our international graduates lead breast imaging programs in their home countries.

List of the division members:
Dr. Anat Kornecki, Division Lead
Dr. Ilanit Ben Nachum
Dr. Mousumi Bhaduri
Dr. Nasir Khan
Dr. Giulio Muscedere
Dr. Olga Shmuilovich

List of current fellows:
Dr. Maya Grisaru
Dr. Rebecca Lang
Dr. Kristopher McKenzie

Fellowship Information:

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The breast division participates in wide variety of research projects, international trials and collaborations. Here are some of our key research projects:

1. TMIST Trial: NCI international trial comparing digital breast tomosynthesis versus digital mammography for screening. Over 1000 women have been recruited. The study is also collecting blood, buccal swabs and tissue samples for future biomarker research on breast cancer.

2. Contrast Enhanced Mammographic Guided Biopsy: As one of the worlds leading centre using Contrast Enhanced Mammography, we are the leading centre in North America to evaluate the novel technology of Contrast Enhanced Guided Biopsy.

3. Close Collaboration with Robarts and Lawson Institutes in developing revolutionary research techniques including AI technology, 3D ultrasound, photoacoustic ultrasound and breast MRI.

4. CMIST Trial: ACR international trial comparing Contrast Enhanced Mammography versus Tomosynthesis for screening which will begin this year.

5. Collaboration with Dr. Brackstone in The London Tumour Biobank, a biorepository with tumour tissue, blood, and urine samples from breast and prostate biopsy patients. It offers researchers access to these samples, complete with comprehensive clinical data, to facilitate cancer research across London.

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