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Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate medical education students

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Program Curriculum

Years 1 & 2
During the first two years of medical school, students have Radiology and Nuclear Medicine within Subject Development Blocks.

Year 3
Third year Schulich Medicine students have the opportunity to complete a two week elective in Radiology during their Surgery rotation. Additionally, weekly seminars in Radiology are given within the Internal Medicine Rotation.

Year 4
Fourth year medical students have the opportunity to complete a two week elective in both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Scholarship Opportunities in Medical Imaging

The W.H. McGuffin Scholarships in Radiology is awarded to Doctor of Medicine (MD) program students of any year having an article accepted for publication in Western University's Medical Journal on a subject pertaining to Diagnostic Radiology or Nuclear Medicine. A copy of the article is to be submitted to the office of the Dean of the Schulich School of  Medicine & Dentistry on or before April 1st of each year.

Value: Up to 2 at $350 each or 1 @ $700

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