Body Imaging

Description of division:
The Division of Body Imaging consists of 30 Faculty members, located at three different hospital sites, including University Hospital, Victoria Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Health Care. Our Faculty have specialized fellowship training in the interpretation and management of diseases of the abdomen and pelvis, as well as obstetrical and thyroid imaging. Division members are experts in the interpretation of computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, molecular imaging, x-ray, and fluoroscopy.

Our Division is committed to providing excellence in clinical care, as evidenced by our Faculty who are members of regional, national and international advisory boards, including Cancer Care Ontario, Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) and Society of Abdominal Radiology (SAR). Several faculty members are also cross-appointed at the Lawson Research Health Institute and the Department of Oncology.

Academic and clinical interests of our Division members are wide-ranging, and include gastrointestinal imaging (including CT and MR Enterography, CT Colonography), hepatobiliary imaging (including transplant assessment and hepatocellular carcinoma), oncologic and genitourinary imaging (including fusion imaging and targeted biopsy of the prostate).

List of the division members:
Dr. Justin Amann
Dr. David Bach
Dr. Ilanit Ben Nachum
Dr. Mousumi Bhaduri
Dr. Gary Brahm
Dr. Ian Chan
Dr. Jaron Chong
Dr. Derek Cool
Dr. William Dawson
Dr. Roya Etemad- Rezai
Dr. Aashish Goela
Dr. David Hocking
Dr. Johanne Howey
Dr. Zahra Kassam
Dr. Nasir Khan
Dr. Anat Kornecki
Dr. Stewart Kribs
Dr. Stephanie Leung
Dr. Andrea Lum
Dr. Harry Marshall
Dr. Amol Mujoomdar
Dr. Elaine O’Riordan
Dr. David Peck
Dr. Stephany Pritchett
Dr. Darryl Ramsewak
Dr. Olga Shmuilovich
Dr. Alison Spouge
Dr. Daniele Wiseman
Dr. Cathy Yoshy
Dr. Witek Zaleski

List of current fellows:

Dr. Maya Grisaru, St. Joseph's Healthcare London
Dr. Rebecca Lang, St. Joseph's Healthcare London
Dr. Kristopher McKenzie, St. Joseph's Healthcare London

Fellowship Information: Under construction


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Our Faculty are involved in a wide range of research endeavours, including the following:
1. PSMA PET-CT imaging of the prostate
2. Targeted prostate biopsy/therapy using MRI/US fusion
3. CT-Perfusion as a biomarker of treatment response in rectal and pancreatic cancer
4. Role of MR Elastography and Primovist in stratification of NASH and hepatic fibrosis
5. Abbreviated MRI protocols in routine and oncologic imaging of the abdomen
6. Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the placenta
7. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
8. Contrast enhanced ultrasound
9. Artificial intelligence in treatment monitoring of pancreatic carcinoma
10. Role of CT perfusion in oncologic diagnosis and monitoring
11. Development, validation, and implementation of machine learning algorithms in abdominal imaging


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