Cardiothoracic Imaging

Description of division:
The division of cardiothoracic imaging consists of 10 Faculty members, distributed at the 3 London teaching hospital sites. Our faculty have fellowships and advanced experience in cardiac and thoracic imaging interpretation and procedures. Imaging modalities include radiography, CT, MRI, fluoroscopy and correlation with molecular imaging.

Our division is committed to providing high quality, innovation and compassionate care to all patients needing diagnostic and interventional cardiothoracic tests and procedures.  Out academic mandate is to maintain a strong teaching profile and further strengthen our research mandate. We emphasize collaboration with our clinical colleagues in respirology, thoracic surgery, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery , as well as oncologists and imaging scientists at Robarts and Lawson Research Institutes.

Clinical and academic interests in thoracic imaging include interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, oncology,  and trauma. Cardiac imaging interests include preoperative imaging for minimally invasive cardiac surgery and complex aortic reconstruction, infiltrative diseases/cardiomyopathy, adult congenital heart disease, and myocardial perfusion imaging.

List of the division members:
Dr. Justin Amann, Division Lead
Dr. Mohamed Abdelrazek
Dr. Mobeen Ahmed
Dr. Ian Chan
Dr. Jaron Chong
Dr. William Dawson
Dr. Roya Etemad- Rezai
Dr. Aashish Goela
Dr. Ali Islam
Dr. Narinder Paul
Dr. Ian Ross
Dr. David Wang