Description of division:
The city-wide Division of Neuroradiology is comprised for 11 sub-specialty trained neuroradiologists. The division performs the full complement of modern neuroradiology diagnostic and interventional procedures.  In addition to the full spectrum of adult and pediatric diagnostic neuro-imaging (CT, MRI, U/S), the division also provides comprehensive percutaneous spinal intervention and endovascular neuro-intervention.  The Division anticipates new equipment installation including: three biplane angiography suites, three 3T and three 1.5T MRI units, five clinical and one research 320 MDCT units.  With this equipment, we hope to continue the tradition of excellent collaborative relationships with our Neurosurgical, Neurology and Otorhinolaryngology colleagues.  The division has a long history of multi-disciplinary research, with robust established relationships with all relevant clinical neuro-disciplines.  Additionally, there is a long tradition of training residents and fellows, with an uninterrupted record of training sub-specialty fellows in both diagnostic and interventional Neuroradiology for greater than 40 years.

List of the division members:
Dr. Sachin Pandey – Division Head of Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology and Co-Director Charles Drake Fellowship on Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
Dr. Shivaprakash Hiremath
Dr. Ruba Kiwan
Dr. Donald Lee
Dr. Andrew Leung
Dr. Paul Mangat
Dr. Michael Mayich - Co-Director Charles Drake Fellowship on Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery and Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship Director
Dr. Lindsay Milroy
Dr. Pavlo Ohorodnyk
Dr. Said Osman
Dr. David Pelz
Dr. Manas Sharma – Site Director - University Hospital
Dr. Keng Yeow Tay


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