Radiology Testimonials

Former Graduate Testimonials

"Western is an excellent program! The staff and residents are very supportive and promote a collegial atmosphere. The staff are exemplary in the standard of care that they provide and ensure that you receive more than enough opportunity to improve and succeed. The city's large catchment area exposes you to a wide breadth of pathologies. I have seen plenty of once-in-a-lifetime cases. Call is appropriately challenging and solidly prepares you for the real world. Thanks to Western, I am able to function relatively independently and meet the many demands in my fellowship!"

Euan Zhang
Class of 2018

"The residency program at western was an excellent program that prepared me well for practice. Now that I have graduated, during fellowship and locums I frequently draw from my experiences as a resident and lessons learned from staff radiologists. Critical thinking skills encouraged and cultivated by dedicated staff have prepared me well for the challenges of practice. The program had a collegial environment with approachable staff who were experts in their respective fields and happy to discuss cases and provide teaching points. In our preparation for Royal college exam, we had over 50 mock orals, with staff going above and beyond to ensure we were well prepared. I am grateful to the Western Radiology Program as it ensured a solid foundation for a lifetime of practice in radiology in a supportive atmosphere. I would highly recommend this program for anyone applying to radiology."

Fateme Salehi
Class of 2018

"I can’t say enough great things about my time at Western.  Not only was I more than prepared to write the exam, but the camaraderie of the program made it a really enjoyable 5 years!  Now that I’ve entered the workforce, I can safely say that Western’s training program gave me all the tools necessary to succeed as a practicing Radiologist!"

Brandon Nadeau
Class of 2017

"I had the privilege of graduating from Western’s Radiology Residency Program in 2017. These years served as the foundation for my professional training, but were also the years I started my family and made lifelong friendships that have shaped all aspects of my life. I had the honour to learn from medical experts, partake in multidisciplinary research projects, go to world class conferences and play in a few competitive softball games. It transformed me from a medical student with limited knowledge of radiology to a competent general radiologist who had a pick of prestigious fellowship programs because of the high quality training western graduates receive. It was fun, challenging, exhausting and exhilarating. I am thankful and honoured to be alumni. As an expression of these sentiments, I have been creating a series of representational oil paintings inspired by everyday events during my residency which you can see at or on my Instagram account @karivisscher"

Kari Visscher
Class of 2017

“Western University radiology residency program prepared me very well for the Royal College exam by offering multiple mock oral exams, review sessions as well as practice OSCEs. The radiologists are truly amazing and willing to dedicate time despite their busy work schedule to teach and prepare residents for the exam.
Western University radiology residency program also prepared me well for my current fellowship in women’s and body imaging. In London I got the best training in breast imaging compared to many other Canadian and US schools. I got to do many breast procedures including ultrasound guided, mammographic guided as well as MRI guided biopsies and localizations. I also got to do many other procedures during my training because of the small number of fellows at Western. For example, I was able to do many ultrasound guided body procedures as well as CT guided lung biopsies.
Overall, I’m very happy with the radiology residency training I received at Western University.“

Hyder Al Attar
Class of 2015

“During my time in Western's radiology program, I learned a tremendous amount and felt fully prepared for practice. With all the funding and electronic resources that Western provides, every resident will have everything they need to learn the vast array of material. Being able to freely access StatDx with the provided iPad goes a long way in accessible learning. Having AIRP and research conferences funded has allowed us to focus on learning, rather than worrying about debt.

In addition, the program provides many opportunities to learn procedural skills, all of which are critical to practice. When it comes time for the Royal College final exam, the attending staff went above and beyond to prepare us. We had 65+ mock orals and 35 review sessions with opportunities to do even more. As someone who has now done locums in a variety of radiology departments, I can say that I am more than prepared for practice and would recommend Western's radiology residency program to anyone who is interested. “

Dr. Andrew Lu
Class of 2015

“I had a fantastic experience in this residency program. The people here are very nice and easy to get along with. The program was flexible and supportive when I needed time off for family issues. Our preparation for the Royal College exam was outstanding, perhaps the best in the country. I have been able to obtain great fellowship and job positions, in part due to the great support of the staff in our program. London is a great place to live with everything you'll need and a very reasonable cost of living. I would highly recommend Western University for anyone applying to radiology.”

Jack Chiu
Class of 2014

“Undergraduate degree, medical school, residency and now practicing radiologist at could say that I'm Western through and through.  My fondest memories of Western are from my radiology residency.  Five years of learning, hard work and study went by quickly in good company.  Although we have ended up in different subspecialties and provinces, my resident cohort has remained in close contact, attesting to the long-lasting friendships cultivated during training.   

Staff were approachable and dedicated to teaching, working tirelessly to prepare us for our Royal College exams, and continuing Western's tradition of exam success.  Faculty support and mentorship enabled me to secure my top fellowship choice.  The critical thinking skills established during residency prepared me for the new challenges of subspecialty training.  After a year away, I'm delighted to return as staff.  Previous teachers have now become colleagues, welcoming me back and making my transition into practice a smooth one.  

Western radiology is a strong program because of the supportive learning environment and collaborative atmosphere, equipping graduates with the foundation and knowledge base that will serve them well in their future career path.”

Stephanie Lee
Class of 2014

“Residency and Fellowship at Western University's radiology program prepared me well for practice as a community radiologist.  The broad mix of cases and the ample access to hands-on procedures gave me a strong start to a rewarding career.  I remain very satisfied with the quality of the education I received.”

Mike Carstensen
Class of 2013