United Way Stair Climb - Thursday November 6, 2014

United Stair Climb

As I write this blurb, it is less than 24 hours after the United Way Stair Climb of 541 stairs, 25 floors (well, 24 since the unlucky floor of 13 was not counted), and we survived.

This year, Jackie Windsor and I made up the face of Medical Imaging with donations of $405 and joined the ranks of “Schulich Cares” to form a team of 14, raising $3,512 in total.

There were about 50/50 Veterans to Newbies, and all were happy to be helping such a great cause. Earlier that morning, Maly, our team captain, had sent a report that one of the local radio dj’s had run up the stairs – 24 floors in under seven minutes. It took my breath away just to think of it.

United Way started us off with a few warm-up exercises before the attack of stairs began.

Maly made sure we were prepped (“It is not a race” she kept saying... “We can take a break whenever you want”) and ready to go, all decked out in either our Western Purple or Schulich gear.

We did look colorful and raring to go. The first five flights – okay, my muscles were starting to burn.... five more and they were on fire.... thank god we got a break.... up another 10 flights, I tried to catch an extra second of rest at each floor this time, it helped.

At 20 flights, another rest, and then only five left... yeahhh we made it to the top. Congratulations and water were on hand.

When you give to United Way, you invest in 81 programs and strategies proven to get results and create lasting change in people’s lives and our community – and that means a better community for us all. That is why Shulich Medicine & Dentistry took on the challenge to raise $150,000 as a campaign goal.

On Thursday November 6, the “Schulich Cares” Stair Climb tackled 472 steps to the finish line, raising $3512.00 toward our School goal. Well done participants and donors.

Article written by Margaret Moulton, Finance Coordinator, Department of Medical Imaging.