London Imaging Discovery 2014

9th Annual London Imaging Discovery Day - Thursday June 26, 2014

London Imaging Discovery Day was launched in 2006 as a platform for scientists and residents in radiology and nuclear medicine to share their research with mentors, peers, graduate students, and others. This conference, coordinated by the Department of Medical Imaging at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, was another brilliant idea conceived by Dr. Aaron Fenster, Director of Imaging Sciences and Dr. Andrea Lum, Chair of Medical Imaging and City-Wide Chief of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology.
This year, financial sponsors included GE Healthcare, MD Management, Philips Healthcare and Toshiba of Canada, while in kind sponsors included Mercury Blueprint and Compudata. We are very grateful for their ongoing support.


Dr. Brian Goldman from CBC’s White Coat, Black Art (an award winning show about the culture and business of modern healthcare) was the keynote speaker. Dr. Goldman is a well-respected staff Emergency Department physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He spoke about examples of errors frequently taking place in hospitals, and systemic and personal factors that contribute to these errors. He enlightened us around factors in the culture of medicine that perpetuate mistakes, and encouraged us to seek curiosity as a tool to learn from our mistakes.

Thirty-one posters and 10 oral presentations enlightened our day. Oral presenters involved students in Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Medicine, and Medical Imaging and revolved around imaging techniques, guidelines, models, reviews, academic curriculum, and finding a balance between patient care and resident education. Dr. Bhaduri’sQuiz, “The Game of Syndromes”, was alluring, intriguing and from what I understand, just downright challenging.

Five residents, two radiology fellows and four nuclear medicine fellows received their graduation training certificates. More than 40 additional awards and prizes were distributed to outstanding individuals who have shown passion, integrity, engagement, fierce determination, and collaboration within, and outside the Department.

Schedules will always be full, time will always be at a premium, there will always be unavoidable emergencies in our workplace — and while it’s true that time flies, we provide a year’s notice for a reason. The true measure of support and collegiality rests with your attendance at this event that signifies the culmination of a year’s worth of work. By attending the London Imaging Discovery Day, even for a few minutes, you are adding your stamp of approval to the more than 100 others who are also committed to taking the time to celebrate our successes, reflect on the past year, and find ways to work better together in future.

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our outstanding residents, students and faculty on the following awards. These awards, presented at the annual London Imaging Day, exemplify the exceptional talent and dedication that our Department brings to every aspect of their clinical practice, teaching and research.

Resident Awards

Dr. Derek Cool is the recipient of the 2014 Rankin Singh award. This annual postgraduate award is given to a Radiology resident in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Western who, in the opinion of the selection committee, has completed, or is near completion of, a research project of exceptional quality.

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Chung, the 2014 Carey Singh award recipient. This annual postgraduate award is for medical residents in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Western, to encourage and recognize excellence in the spectrum of residency training. The successful recipient was determined by his peers and supervisors to excel in the areas of teaching and service.

Congratulations to Dr. Derek Cool, this year’s recipient of the Dr. Tom Munro Award. This award is given to a resident in the Department of Medical Imaging in either the specialty of Radiology or Nuclear Medicine who, in the opinion of the judging panel, gives the best oral research presentation at the Department’s annual London Imaging Day.

Dr. Rebecca Zener is this year’s recipient of the RSNA Roentgen Award. This award recognizes and encourages outstanding residents and fellows in radiologic research as evidenced by presentations of scientific papers at regional or national meetings, publication of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and receipt of grants or contributions to the success of a research program within the Department.

Student Awards

First place in our annual poster presentation was awarded to Justin Tse for his poster entitled, “Novel Dual-Energy Micro-CT Contrast Agent for the Characterization of Bone Vasculature.”

Second place in our annual poster presentation was awarded to Sarah Mattonen for her poster entitled, “Early prediction of Lung Cancer recurrence after stereotactic radiotherapy using second-order texture statistics.”

Third place in our annual poster presentaiton was awarded toJohn Baxter for his poster entitled, “Interactive Segmentation with Topological Anatomical Knowledge and Generalized Hierarchical Max-Flow.”

Faculty Awards

Dr. Anil Shastry is this year’s recipient of the Residents’ Choice Teacher of the Year Award. This award is given annually to an individual demonstrating outstanding commitment to Radiology Education and is nominated by Radiology residents.

Dr. Stewart Kribs was chosen as this year’s Residents Choice Award winner for being an outstanding radiologist role model. This award is given to a radiologist who has provided excellent call preparation for junior residents.

Congratulations to Dr. James Warrington who was awarded the Driedger/Mackenzie Nuclear Medicine Residents’ Teacher of the Year for Outsanding Role Model Award. This award recognizes an outstanding clinical educator and role model.

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron Fenster on being selected as one of 50 medical physicists to be honoured by the International Organization for Medical Physics for outstanding contributions to the field.

Dr. Ting-Yim Lee was awarded one of this year’s Annual Awards for Academic Excellence. The award recongized Dr. Lee’s contributions to research.

Dr. Greg Garvin was awarded one of this year’s Annual Awards for Academic Excellence. The award recongized Dr. Garvin’s dedication in the field of Clinical Imaging.

Dr. Terry Peters was appointed as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, recognizing those who help lead their fields in new technical developments that shape the global community.

Dr. Jerry Battista was honoured with the Edward G. Pleva Award for Teaching Excellence. This Western University award recognized Dr. Battista’s impact on students’ lives.

Faculty Promotions

Dr. Goela has been promoted to Associate Professor and Granting on continuing appointment. We congratulate him on this huge accomplishment.

Congratulations to all of you. Please accept our thanks for helping to make the past year the success it has been.

Special thanks goes to Krista Kulczycki – our summer student – who has embraced the planning of this event as though it was her own party, and to Kellie Griffin – our Human Resources Coordinator – who is selfless when there is a need.

Thank you again to all involved. See you next year.

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