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Message from the Chair of Imaging Sciences - Dr. Aaron Fenster

Message from the Chair of Imaging Sciences - Dr. Aaron Fenster

The research programs in the department continue to grow. Because of the growth and because of the changing research environment at the University and country-wide level, a research strategic plan was formulated and has been updated. Imaging research is recognized in the faculty and university as a major program worthy of support and awards.

The Department of Medical Imaging as a foundational member has provided support to Biomedical Imaging Centre (BIRC). BIRC is a centre of innovation and excellence that transcends faculties and departments providing a cross campus platform for collaborative research. This year, there were four successful CFI awards within the BIRC community; Dr. David Holdsworth and his collaborators for a new facility for loadbearing imaging, biomechanics and orthopaedics research, Dr. Ting-Yim Lee and his colleagues for a dual energy CT scanner that can perform functional imaging using a low radiation dose that is applicable for oncology and cardiology,Dr. Blaine Chronik’s team for a testing and development facility that supports industry and academic efforts to develop compatible medical devices and technologies, and Dr. Ravi Menon and his colleagues for the Centre for Functional and Metabolic mapping.

Together with other successes in CIHR, NSERC, ORF and others, these grants continue the establishment of state-of-the-art imaging facilities for human, as well as small animal research in London.

The Digital Imaging Group (DIG) of London was established in 2006. DIG is a group of radiologists, scientists, and engineers dedicated to improving and advancing digital medical imaging to accelerate the development of novel clinical tools in the PACS environment. All the projects are conducted under collaborative partnership with GE, LHSC, SJHC and Lawson. DIG researchers have published 20 journal papers, 50 conference papers and 15 patent disclosures, with two books in the pipeline to publish, which highlights the achievements of the group.