The Rowntree Prize in Medical History (EST. 1929)


2022 Recipients of the Rowntree Prize in Medical History


Snow Wangding, Med2024, for her presentation on “Windows to the Soul: A Critical Comparison of Texts from Galen and Ibn Sina on Cataracts and the Contribution of this Work to the Specialization of Modern Ophthalmology”

Rahman Ladak, Med2025, for his presentation on “Neither ‘rushed’, nor ‘new’: Situating the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine within a history of mRNA-based vaccine approaches for infectious diseases"

Dr. Leonard G. RowntreeThis prize is awarded annually in memory of Dr. L.G. Rowntree for work in medical history completed by a Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry medical student. This prize winner receives a monetary award.

Dr. Leonard G. Rowntree (1883-1959) was born and raised in London, Ontario, graduating from Western in 1905 as Gold Medalist. As a physician, researcher, teacher and administrator, he worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic and later the University of Miami. He is most well known for the Rowntree Test for kidney function – the phenol-sulphophthalein test. He was a loyal alumnus of Western, serving as Medical Alumni President during the 1930s and attending numerous Western events over the years.

Past Award Recipients

2021 Anthony Ziccarelli and Tharsan Kanagalingam
2020 Jelena Poleksic and Jacob Wihlidal
2019 Adrina Zhong and Timothy Varghese
2018 Daniel Stojanovic and Michael Chen
2017 Katharina Baranova and Ariel Gershon
2016 Vanessa DeMelo
2015 Daniel Stojanovic
2014 Hannah MacKenzie
2013 Alexandra Istl
2012 Benjamin Strauss
2011 Jacqueline Swan
2010 Kathleen Mackeracher
2009 Emily Claydon
2008 Pencilla Lang