Osler Society at Western

Photo of students at Sep 8-2022 Osler Society Welcome meeting Osler Society meets monthly-- Join Us!


The Osler Society at Western facilitates exchange among medical students and faculty through their engagement with various themes in the history of medicine. Facilitated by the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine, this club is run by and for medical students and meets throughout the year.

Osler Society Co-Presidents for 2023-24

  • Brian Cho (London), Meds 2026
  • Winston Hou (London), Meds 2026
  • Aishwarya Kulkarni (London), Meds 2026
  • Charlie Fang (Windsor), Meds 2026

Fall 2023 Meeting Schedule

Meetings in  HSA 041 (London) / MEB 1113 (Windsor) unless otherwise stated 

 Upcoming Meetings

Thursday November 16, 2023
6:00-7:00 p.m.






A Tri-University event – Medical students from uOttawa, Queen’s, Western [virtual event]

historymedicine/osler_society/SOJC 16-nov-2023 poster.pdf

“Shockingly Outdated Journal Club”
Hosted by uOttawa Medical History Collective
Session facilitated by Dr Sony Singh and Hannah Professor Susan Lamb
See event poster for attendance details

Article under discussion (5-minute read):
Instance of cesarian operation of a woman performed on herself. London Med J. 1785 Vol. 6 (Pt 4): 366-373. PMID: 29139760. historymedicine/osler_society/SOJC 1769 Self Cesarian Original with Plain English.pdf

Thursday December 7, 2023 Thinking of Submitting an Abstract for a History of Medicine Project? Drop-In!
12:30-1:20 p.m.

Come by to speak with faculty members and other students on how to submit an abstract for your History of Medicine project to be accepted for presentation at the 2024 History of Medicine Days conference in Calgary.

Recent Meetings (with Photos)

Thursday November 9, 2023

Guest Speaker: Dr. Justin Barr, MD, PhD,  Duke University and Toronto HPB/Transplant

“Bottoms Up: Rectal Nutrition and the Making of a Surgeon Historian”

jbarr mckellar

Nov 10

"A Stitch in Time: Arterial Repair and the Process of Change in Surgery”

Thursday November 2, 2023

Doing an Independent HoM Research Project: Topic, Question, Presentation

Terrific turnout of medical students at this meeting!  Thank you to Osler Society Co-Presidents for running this session on how to design a history of medicine research project, compose an abstract, and present research findings as a poster and oral presentation.  Many thanks to Hannah Skarnikat and Winston Hou for sharing their HoM research projects presented at last year’s History of Medicine Days (HMD) at Calgary as demonstration presentations.

hannah       group winston

Thursday October 5, 2023

Guest Speaker:  Dr Michael Rieder, MD, PhD, Professor, Clinical Pharmacology, SSMD 
"Connecting today’s high-cost drug issues with the Therapeutic Revolution of the mid-20th century"

  Oct 5 announcement Dr. Michael Rieder 

   Oct 5 group turnout 

Thursday September 14, 2023

Osler Society, planned club activities & meet the Co-Presidents for 2023-24

  • Brian Cho (London), Meds 2026
  • Winston Hou (London), Meds 2026
  • Aishwarya Kulkarni (London), Meds 2026
  • Charlie Fang (Windsor), Meds 2026

  Sept 14, 2023 Brian and Aishwary  September 14, 2023 Winston Hou  

  sep 14, 2023 group turnout


History of Medicine Rounds at Schulich Medicine

Likely early March, which features the history of medicine independent research projects. Learn More.

History of Medicine Days at University of Calgary

Likely mid-March, with an abstract deadline in January. Learn More.

Past Events

Learn more about Osler Society events from previous years.