Surgeon Hadley Williams - History of Dept of Surgery projectHistory of the Department of Surgery at Western

This project aims to capture the documentary history (archival records, photos and interviews) of the Department of Surgery as well as present a historical narrative for online and/or print publication. This project is being undertaken by the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine with research assistance from graduate students in the Department of History.

The following members of the Department of Surgery have been interviewed to date: Dr. Howie Cameron, Dr. Wayne Grainger, Dr. Guy DeRose, Dr. Thomas L. Forbes, Dr. Tom McClarty, Dr. Ken Harris, Dr. John Denstedt, Dr. John Duff, Dr. Jack Sales, Dr. Eric Shepherd, Dr. Bill Wall, Dr. Razvi, Dr. Izawa, Dr. Neil McKenzie, Dr. Peter Fowler, Dr. Vivian McAlister, Dr. Ward Davies, Dr. Graham King, Dr. Hans Heeneman, Dr. Bob Kiaii. Thank you for your time and assistance with this project.

UWO Medical Journal Screen CaptureUWOMJ Digitization Project

- initiated in 2013 by the Hannah Chair Shelley McKellar and former Osler Society President Jason Chan, Meds 2017

- in collaboration with Western Libraries, Joanne Paterson, Coordinator of Scholarship@Western and Metadata Management Librarian as well as Joan Kammerer (now retired) and Anne Daniel, Archivist

The University of Western Medical Journal (UWOMJ) was established in 1930 to provide a forum for original articles based on research or clinical medicine of topic or historical interest. It is a biannual publication with interdisciplinary readership that includes students, faculty members, residents and specialists. The goal is to digitize all volumes/issues of the UWOMJ beginning with V.1 1930/31 to the present, providing open access to the content. The project is well underway with more than a dozen issues now digitized and online. These issues are all keyword searchable, as they have been run through OCR (Optical Character Recognition software). Each volume is indexed in Google and Google Scholar for maximum reach. (To date these issues have been downloaded 451 times.) A complete set of the UWOMJ, now saved for posterity in digital format, will now serve as a valuable resource for students and librarians in answering any number of questions reflecting faculty and student medical research interests at Western since the 1930s.

UWO Medical Journal Screen Capture 2UWO Medical Journal Screen Capture 3