History of Medicine Rounds


HoM Rounds 2021 Student Showcase was a great success!  Well done to all presenters who delivered engaging medical history talks and thank you to audience members who asked terrific questions!  

It is with great pleasure to announce this year's student prizes are awarded to the following individuals for their strong History of Medicine presentations:  

Harvey Club of London Prize for 2021 is awarded to:

  • 2021_HarveyClubLondon_PrizeWinner.jpgArjun Patel, Med2024 for his presentation on “The Independent Inventions of General Anesthesia in 19th century Japan and United States: Why the Latter Revolutionized Surgery while the Former was Forgotten”  




Rowntree Prize in Medical History for 2021 is awarded to:

  • 2021_RownTree_PrizeWinner_A.ZiccarelliAnthony Ziccarelli, Med2022 for his presentation on “The Medical Journal – Genesis of a Genre” 





  • 2021_RownTree_PrizeWinner_T.KanagalinghamTharsan Kanagalingam, Med2023 for his presentation on“Discovery rediscovered: Tropical Medicine and Indigenous Knowledge in Ceylon” 




Congratulations to these medical students and good luck with your presentations at the national History of Medicine Days conference later this month in Calgary (held virtually this year).


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