History of Medicine Rounds

 Collage of various presenters and audience from 2024 History of Medicine Rounds

This is a showcase event to highlight excellent medical student research projects in the History of Medicine and open to the SSMD Community.  Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations and/or essays in the history of medicine, including the Rowntree Prize and the Harvey Club Prize.

 See the 2024 winners at the links below:


HOM Rounds 2024: ACS Prize Honourable Mention to Winston Hou with Prof Shelley McKellar


Past Events

History of Medicine Rounds

HOM Rounds 2023

2023 Prize Winners:

Recipients of The Rowntree Prize in Medical History

  • 2023RowntreePrizeRecipient_HelenJin.jpgHelen Jin, Meds2025, "Reconstructing Identity: Dr. Harold Gillies and the Role of Facial Reconstruction in Defining Essential Care”

  • 2023RowntreePrizeRecipient_DanielleVucenovic.jpgDanielle Vucenovic, Meds 2026, “New Century, Same Struggle: The Grapple Between Optometry and Ophthalmology”

Recipient of The Harvey Club of London Prize (EST. 2008)

2023HarveyClubPrizewinner_JelenaPoleksic.jpgJelena Poleksic, Meds2023, “Birds, Birdcages, and Bedlam:  Visualizing the Victorian Asylum through Material Culture”

HOM Rounds 2022


2022 Prize Winners:

Recipients of The Rowntree Prize in Medical History (EST. 1929)

    • S_Wangding_resized.jpgSnow Wangding, Med2024, for her presentation on “Windows to the Soul: A Critical Comparison of Texts from Galen and Ibn Sina on Cataracts and the Contribution of this Work to the Specialization of Modern Ophthalmology”

  • R_Ladak_resized.jpgRahman Ladak, Med2025, for his presentation on “Neither ‘rushed’, nor ‘new’: Situating the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine within a history of mRNA-based vaccine approaches for infectious diseases”


Recipient of The Harvey Club of London Prize (EST. 2008)

A_Nguyen_resized.JPGAndrew Nguyen, Med2024, for his presentation on “Let’s Talk About It: How the Role of Psychotherapy in Psychiatric Practices Evolved as a Response to the Mental Health Crisis in the Wake of Deinstitutionalization”

HOM Rounds 2021

Award Winners

HoM Rounds 2021 Student Showcase was a great success!  Well done to all presenters who delivered engaging medical history talks and thank you to audience members who asked terrific questions!  

It is with great pleasure to announce this year's student prizes are awarded to the following individuals for their strong History of Medicine presentations:  

Harvey Club of London Prize for 2021 is awarded to:

  • 2021_HarveyClubLondon_PrizeWinner.jpgArjun Patel, Med2024 for his presentation on “The Independent Inventions of General Anesthesia in 19th century Japan and United States: Why the Latter Revolutionized Surgery while the Former was Forgotten”  




Rowntree Prize in Medical History for 2021 is awarded to:

  • 2021_RownTree_PrizeWinner_A.ZiccarelliAnthony Ziccarelli, Med2022 for his presentation on “The Medical Journal – Genesis of a Genre” 





  • 2021_RownTree_PrizeWinner_T.KanagalinghamTharsan Kanagalingam, Med2023 for his presentation on“Discovery rediscovered: Tropical Medicine and Indigenous Knowledge in Ceylon” 

HOM Rounds 2020

  • History of Medicine Rounds 2020 (PDF, 1.03MB) --- Due to the circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this in-person event was cancelled and not held as a remote event.

History of Medicine Colloquium at Western

As of March 2020, History of Medicine Rounds replaced the Colloquium at Western. Below are highlights from past HOM Colloqiuim at Western from 2012 to 2019.

2019 Colloquium at Western

2019_HOM_Colloquium_AwardRecipients_no-caption.jpgPictured Above: Prof Shauna Devine, Prof Shelley McKellar, Dr Vivian McAlister, Dean Davy Cheng, Dr Gordon Dickie, Dr Roya Etemad-Rezai, Prof Paul Potter, Gali Katznelson Meds2022, Dr Michael Rieder, Dr John Sangster, Timothy Varghese, Meds2021, Dr Michael Grace.

2019 Rowntree Prize in Medical History Recipients

  • Timothy Varghese, Meds2021 for his project "Breaking the Cardinal Rule: Factors Allowing Doctors to Do Harm"
  • Adrina Zhong, Meds2021 (Windsor campus) for her project "Venereal Villians: The Portrayal of Women in Public Health Campaigns Against STIs during World War II

2019 Harvey Club of London Prize Recipient

  • Gali Katznelson, Meds2022 for her project "People or Drugs: A Comparison of the Representation of the Crack Cocaine and Opioid Epidemics in the Media"

Read about these projects and others at 2019 HoM Colloquium Abstracts here.

Photo gallery for the 2019 HoM Colloquium is available here.

2018 Colloquium at Western

Pictured Above: Dr Vivian McAlister, Prof Shelley McKellar, Dr Jack McDonald, Dr Michael Grace, Daniel Stonjanovic, Meds2018, Michael Chen, Meds2018, Dr John Sangster, Dr Rod Willis, Dr Roya Etemad-Rezai, Prof Shauna Devine.

2018 Rowntree Prize in Medical History Recipients

  • Daniel Stojanovic, Meds2018 for his research project “High as They Have Ever Gone: History of Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Canada and the United States
  • Michael Chen, Meds 2018 for his research project “A Panel Decision for Every Woman: History of Abortions and the Therapeutic Abortion Committee in London, Ontario, 1969-1988

2018 Harvey Club of London Prize Recipient2018_HarveyClubPrizeWinner_SandraBotros.jpg

  • Sandra Botros, Meds 2019 (Windsor campus) for her research project “A Devastating Illness, A Simple Cure: Dr Joseph Goldberger’s Controversial Pursuit of the Etiology and Prevention of Pellagra

2017 Colloquium at Western

The 2017 History of Medicine Colloquium's exciting program included research presentations on topics ranging from cholera and hysteria to head transplantation and the opioid crisis! This year, there were 11 research presentations, 5 poster presentations, and a special 4th year I&T group presentation - "Why Studying Medical History May Make Me a Better Doctor." More than 60 people attended the colloquium, including medical students, faculty and members of the community.

2017 History of Medicine Colloquium Prize WinnersPictured Above: (Left to Right) Dr. Stu Eberhard, Dr. John Sangster, Dr. Roya Etemad-Rezai, Prof. Shelley McKellar, Ariel Gershon, Meds2019, North de Pencier, Meds2019, Katharina Baranova, Meds2020, Prof. Shauna Devine, Dr. Vivian McAlister, Prof. Paul Potter.

2017 Rowntree Prize in Medical History Recipients

  • Ariel Gershon, Meds2019 for his research project "The Bones Tell the Story: How Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation Helped Medicalize Child Maltreatment"
  • Katharina Baranova, Meds2020 for her research project "Blood into Ink: Representations of Medicine and Contemporary Medical Developments in 19th-Century Fictional Literature"

2017 Harvey Club of London Prize Recipient

  • North de Pencier, Meds2019 for her research project "The Carrot and the Other Carrot: Convincing University of Toronto Medical Residents to Train at the Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital"

2016 Colloquium at Western

2016 Rowntree Prize winner Vanessa De Melo2016 Rowntree Prize in Medical History Recipient

Vanessa DeMelo, Meds 2017, for her research project
Technology and Public Health: Exploring the Relationship between Cochlear Implants and Newborn Hearing Screening



2016 Harvey Club Prize Winner Nicole Arseneau2016 Harvey Club of London Prize Recipient

Nicole Arseneau, Meds 2018, for her research project
Tarnier’s Couveuse: Ingenious Invention or simply Terrific Timing?

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