Talking history at a trachestomy symposium

Vanessa DeMelo conference poster April2016 InternationalTracheostomy Symposium at Johns Hopkins

Vanessa DeMelo presents her poster at the International Tracheostomy Symposium at Johns Hopkins.

Vanessa DeMelo, Meds2017, delivered a research poster presentation on "Drs Trosseau, Jackson and Ibsen:  Key figures in the evolution of tracheostomy during the late 19th and mid-20th century" at the Third International Tracheostomy Symposium at Johns Hopkins University, April 29-30, 2016. 

She highlighted the role played by one particular disease and related event -- the Copenhagen polio epidemic of 1952 -- as significantly influencing the development and uptake of tracheostomies as non-emergent medical interventions. 

DeMelo's work was well received by the symposium audience and her poster is now on display in the History of Medicine Program, HSA 041.