Rob Bobotsis, Meds2018, publishes history of Mohs surgery research

Rob Bobotsis, Meds 2018In 2015, Rob Bobotsis, Meds2018, presented his research on the history of Mohs surgery at the History of Medicine Days national conference at the University of Calgary. His work was awarded 1st place for the best history of surgery presentation. Since then, Rob has reworked his research for publication, disseminating it to an even larger audience. Congratulations Rob on the first of these publications!

Check out Rob Bobotsis and Lyn Guenther, “How Mohs Surgery Transformed Into a First-Line Treatment of Skin Cancer.” Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. 2016 Jul 5. pii: 1203475416658289. [Epub ahead of print] 

Mohs surgery is considered ideal treatment for many types of skin cancers. Developed by Dr. Frederic Edward Mohs (1910-2002), Mohs surgery allows all surgical margins to be viewed microscopically, ensuring no cancer cells go unremoved, yet it failed to achieve immediate acceptance when first introduced in the 1940s. A catalyst to the widespread acceptance of Mohs surgery occurred with the work of dermatologic colleagues who reported excellent results without using the paste. It suggested the real innovation of Mohs surgery lay in its microscopic control and not the paste, the discontinuation of which removed all the problems associated with its use.

Full text available in PDF here