Advanced Certificate of Education at Schulich (ACES)


Welcome to the Advanced Certificate of Education at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry (ACES). This program has been designed to target the needs of our faculty, as defined by faculty experts and education specialists from across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and Western University. The program consists of a collection of engaging faculty development activities and resources designed to complement your Schulich education roles and support your career advancement.


The program is arranged into 4 broad areas, referred to as the ACES suits:

1. Learning & Teaching

2. Culture & Learning Environment

3. Scholarly Teaching Development

4. Career Growth & Sustainability

Each ACES suit contains individual topics (14) and each topic contains various synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, allowing you to learn at your own pace and select offerings based on your own career goals.





You are invited to complete the individual ACES courses according to your learning needs.


Acknowledging faculty development activities already completed outside of ACES, participants may submit Prior Learning Experiences (PLEs) to be considered for inclusion towards their certificate. PLEs must align with the ACES program, meet accredited standards, and have been completed within the last five years.  A CPD staff member will assist you in determining whether your PLEs may count towards completion of the program.

Capstone Project:

Completing a Capstone project provides participants with an opportunity to demonstrate, refine and reflect upon their teaching development. The Capstone activities are designed to be a practical process where participants seek feedback from their colleagues and refine their teaching. The Capstone provides Schulich faculty with documents that may be included in their promotions and tenure applications. ACES participants are required to complete one Capstone project to complete the ACES program. This can be completed at any time.


Click to Register. Following registration, a CPD staff member will contact you with your log-in information. This will provide you access to all asynchronous learning activities that exist within the ACES program.


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