CPD Scholarly Interest Group

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Are you interested in evaluating your CPD activities in a scholarly manner?

Are you interested in publishing CPD research or scholarship?

Are you interested in contributing to the evidence-base that informs high-quality CPD?  

Consider joining the CPD Scholarly Interest Group (CPD SIG) 

Please click here to join the CPD SIG. Membership is open to interested faculty within and beyond Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Focus & Scope

The CPD SIG aims to stimulate scholarly impact in the area of CPD (including but not limited to continuing medical education, continuing dental education, and faculty development). To do so, the CPD SIG will provide a forum for:

  • Discussing emerging trends in CPD practice and their relevance to CPD scholarship
  • Discussing advances in research methodologies and their relevance to CPD scholarship
  • Presenting and receiving feedback on scholarly works in progress
  • Disseminating funding opportunities for CPD scholarship
  • Assembling teams to apply for funding opportunities

Structure & Schedule

The proposed structure of the SIG is subject to change based on member preferences. We meet once every two months, possibly alternating between an in-person and virtual setting to accommodate members who cannot always meet in person.

Meetings last 60 minutes. Each meeting will consist of:

  1. A round-table discussion of a peer-reviewed journal article relevant to CPD scholarship. Articles focused on research methodology may be discussed, based on member interest. This discussion may be substituted with an invited guest presentation or presentation of a member's scholarly work in progress.
  2. A discussion of new funding opportunities for CPD scholarship and any other learning and development opportunities regarding CPD scholarship (e.g., relevant seminars at the Centre for Education Research & Innovation).

Please email the SIG coordinator Adam Gavarkovs, PhD at adam.gavarkovs@schulich.uwo.ca if you have questions.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!