April 2018 Newsletter

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    Awards of Excellence

    The 2018 Awards of Excellence event in Windsor was a true community celebration as faculty, staff, students, partners, and donors gathered to recognize the award recipients, and the tremendous achievements of the past 10 years for the Campus.

  • decorative imageReflecting on 10 years
    With the conclusion of the tenth year of operations at the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry - Windsor Campus on the horizon, one becomes reflective about all that has transpired since the doors were opened in September 2008.

  • decorative imageLooking ahead to even greater things
    We have a unique opportunity, as a distributed campus, to be innovative. There are ample opportunities for you to be involved in the development of the new curriculum. Please consider joining a committee focused on course design, mentorship, coaching, or assessment.

  • decorative imageAn eventful semester
    From the Schulichpalooza and preparing for interview weekends, to attending the Awards of Excellence dinner and keeping up their wellness commitments, you have been busy.

  • decorative imageSupporting you
    The LEW team offers moral support, guidance on formal reporting processes and serves knowledgeable resource dedicated to connecting learners with those who can best support them.

  • decorative imageDr. Jessica Davie - Resident Spotlight
    Thanks to great teachers and mentors, small class sizes and a lot of hands-on training, Dr. Jessica Davie felt well prepared to start her family medicine residency training program in Windsor.

  • decorative imageAn inside look
    As a pharmacist studying medicine, Alex Reidel is having a unique experience with an inside look into how the various health related professions can work together to make health care better for the community.

  • decorative imageBest of both worlds
    Dr. Anne Marie Beaudet is passionate about teaching and medicine and in her roles as radiologist and adjunct faculty member is enjoying the best of both worlds.

  • decorative imageBroadening their perspectives
    Medical, nursing, social work, and pharmacy students spent an afternoon together to broaden their learning and perspectives on how interprofessional teams work together during IPE Day in Windsor. Chief Dean Sayers served as the featured speaker.

  • decorative imageJudy Bornais - 3M Teaching Fellow
    Amidst all the didactic and technical skills Professor Bornais shares with students, she puts priority on one important lesson: Care for everyone as though they are the person you love most in the world.

  • decorative imageFront page and top of the our coverage
    Schulich Medicine-Windsor Campus has had a far-reaching impact. The important story of the difference it has made found its way onto the front pages of the local newspaper and at the top of the news hours.