Your questions wanted

A warm welcome to our residents and our Medicine Class of 2021 students. And best wishes to all students for a wonderful upcoming year of rewards and challenges in the 2017/2018 academic year.

Learner Equity & Wellness (LEW) remains committed to providing the support you need in areas such as personal counselling, financial management career guidance. We remind you that when you don’t know where to direct a question or concern, always know you can start with the LEW Office.

“There are no stupid Questions.” A bit cliché? Maybe. But, true nonetheless. Below are some examples of questions students sometimes hesitate to ask, as well as some situations students found themselves in. In all cases, LEW was the right place to turn:

  • How do I take advantage of a global experience?
  • I slept through my alarm, now what?
  • I’m feeling uncomfortable at non-curricular group functions
  • I have no idea what kind of specialty I want to pursue, how can I figure it out?
  • I’m confused about by OSAP, how do I figure this out?
  • I’m worried about my classmate, can you help?
  • I want to get involved in things, but I have no idea where to start
  • I’m dealing with a family crisis and I think I need some help managing the demands of the program with this added stress
  • I don’t think my instructor/facilitator/preceptor likes me, what should I do?
  • I’m confused about my immunization requirements, where can I find that info?
  • I am overwhelmed by the portal and am behind on my electives selection
  • I lost my mailbox key

I hope, through the above examples, you can see that the LEW Office is here for you - to advocate and support student issues, concerns, ideas and success. This office is a safe space where all discussions remain confidential and no topic is off limits.   

During the past few years we’ve enhanced our career services to include an optional Curriculum Vitae (CV) review and workshop, as well as an opportunity to have your statement letter reviewed by a physician.   

We’ve made an effort to ensure that during electives selection, clerks are well aware of the critical dates involved so they remain on task. We’ve also made a point to ensure, early on, that learners understand the importance of participating in experiences that will help them build a quality CV. Time goes by quickly so making the most of pre-clinical years is key.

Know that the LEW Office is always eager to make improvements and act on the feedback received from learners, such as offering a wellness component into most clerkship academic half days and providing individual MD Financial appointments on site at the campus and hospitals.  

I hope you will reach out to us if and when it’s needed to help make 2017/2018 a great year. Best of luck.

Stephanie Coccimiglio