September 2017 Newsletter

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    School values figure prominently at annual events

    Social accountability, cultural awareness, and interprofessionalism were front and centre as students and faculty enjoyed the annual White Coat Ceremony and Meet & Greet events, kicking off the 2017/18 academic year.

  • decorative imageInterprofessionalism, introductions and interesting research
    Dr. Gerry Cooper reflects on the importance of interprofessionalism and how the School is looking at new opportunities; introduces Dr. Jay Rosenfield, and shares the success of SWORP and the interesting research stemming from that Program.

  • decorative imageA necessary change
    As the plans for competency based curriculum renewal begin to develop, Dr. Jacobs answers some of the more pressing questions he has received while outlining the reasons why this change is necessary.

  • decorative imageA time of transition
    The new academic year marks a period of transition for all of us. Our Medicine Class of 2021 will begin to settle in as some of our peers will travel across Canada for their electives, others of you will leave the classroom and spend your days on the wards, and some of us will be faced with new responsibilities as seniors on campus.

  • decorative imageYour questions wanted
    It might sound cliché, but it is true, your questions are important. and LEW is often the right place to turn to get your answers.

  • decorative imageA perfect fit
    For Sudha Ayalasomayajula, Schulich Medicine's Windsor Campus and the Medical Officer Training Plan, are a perfect fit.

  • decorative imageHometown pride
    Dr. Joseph Zakaria is proud to have completed his clerkship and residency in Windsor. Now he's teaching and mentoring students in his role as the Academic Director for Family Medicine.

  • decorative imageTaking it to the streets
    A 2017 SWORP research project hit close to home as it endeavored to gain a better understanding of the socioeconomic impact of a regional medical campus in Windsor.

  • decorative imageA Q&A with the home team captain
    Dr. Matthew DiBartolomeo shares with us how the 1990’s television program ER influenced him, how the wide scope of family medicine captured his imagination and his heart, and the pride he feels as the new Chief Resident for Family Medicine.

  • decorative imageAmanda Sauvé receives national honour
    The Medicine Class of 2018 student was awarded College of Family Physicians of Canada Indigenous Medical Student Scholarship.

  • Congratulations to...
    We are pleased to recognize Dr. Mark Awuku’s appointment as full Professor, as well as welcome many new Schulich Medicine & Dentistry education leaders and new faculty members to the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Campus.

  • Dr. Gary Tithecott welcomes all new and returning students
    Change is upon us, and the School is there to support your success through continuously helping you to achieve personal and professional growth.

  • Dr. Ian McWhinney Lecture Series - Livestream available
    The Department of Family Medicine invites you to the annual Ian McWhinney Lecture featuring Dr. Larry Green Professor, The University of Colorado School of Medicine. Join by livestream on September 20, for Dr. Green's presentation: Will People have a Personal Physician Anymore?

  • Upcoming events
    Mark your calendars for Education Day featuring Ry Moran and a panel discussion on October 4. See more events upcoming in the academic year.