From January 28 to February 14, Western University will conduct the Faculty and Staff Employee Engagement Survey – WE SPEAK 2020. The survey provides a great opportunity for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry faculty and staff to provide feedback about what is working well and areas for improvement with respect to workplace culture and engagement.

The survey will be offered to School staff and faculty, with the exception of medicine clinical faculty. A separate clinical faculty survey will be developed in the coming year that will best align with their role.

Results are expected in April and will be reported at the Faculty and Department levels and provided to department leaders to share with their teams.

The survey, conducted at arm's length by the Canadian company Metrics@Work, is confidential and optional. Western will only receive group data – not individual responses. No reports will be provided to Western for any group with fewer than seven respondents. 

Western’s WE SPEAK Website is now live and more information will be provided to you closer to the launch date.