Progress continues on renovation and construction projects

Planning and construction work is continuing on a few fronts at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

The sixth floor at Robarts Research Institute has been the site of much change and construction and the installation of furnishings are now complete. Audiovisual work will begin in the near future.

The tender of the additional construction projects for work in the basement, first floor and second floor closed and has been awarded and work will commence when the building permits are in hand.

Renovations for the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine to create a new home for the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics has been approved by the Board of Governors. The next step to create a Request for Proposal for consultants is underway and regular meetings are taking place with the Department.

Early works projects in support of the BioMedical Research Facility are continuing. A high voltage duct bank is being relocated around the footprint of the new building and a temporary generator has been installed while installation of the new generator takes place.

Temporary fencing was installed to separate the construction area and the public. All staff, faculty and learners should note that during the course of the construction, the location of this fencing will change periodically to reflect the specific work being completed. The contractor and the Facilities Management team are working diligently to try to minimize the disruption, however, some disruption is expected.

The installation of the new exhaust stack up the side of the Dental Sciences Building will be completed in late November/early December.

If you have any questions about the Facility, please contact Kem Rogers, PhD, Chair, Construction Oversight Committee or Jane Rylett, PhD, Associate Dean and Director, Animal Research.