Research Committee

Dr. Neil Duggal (Chair)
Dr. Jorge Burneo*
Dr. Elizabeth Finger*
Dr. Christen Shoesmith
Dr. Joseph Megyesi
Dr. Paul Cooper (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Nicole Farrell (Ex-Officio)

*Term Ending June 30, 2019

The function of the Research Committee will be to provide advice to the Department Chair/Chief as well as the Department’s Executive, Finance and Appointment & Promotion committees with regards to research-related: policy, merit base remuneration and performance expectations (in accordance with faculty ARCs). In addition, the committee will:

  1. Develop guidelines and principles regarding Departmental research with the following duties and responsibilities:
    1. Advise the Department Chair on administrative programs and policies to support research and report on issues that impact the research environment within the Department;
    2. Advocate for the needs of researchers and the research environment to the Department Chair;
    3. Coordinate collaboration between the University and the Department to enhance cross faculty collaboration and the research environment.
  2. In conjunction with the Departmental leadership, develop a cohesive research strategy for the Department and:
    1. Advise the Chair on strategic recruitment of clinician researchers and scientists, the optimal number, the area of focus and the appropriate funds needed at time for recruitment;
    2. Serve as a forum for the open discussion of Departmental strategy, mechanisms for improvement and expansion of research activity;
    3. Maintain accurate inventories of current and evolving research grant proposals relevant to the Departmental membership (i.e., CFI, new ops, CIHR, etc.);
    4. Maintain an accurate (“just in time”) inventory of Departmental grants, publications, and invited lectureships for quarterly updates at the Departmental meetings and for fund raising activities. This information will be maintained on the Departmental web site;\
    5. Ensure Departmental representation and ongoing linkages with the LHRI, RRI, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and Western Research.