Luciano Sposato, MD, MBA, FRCPC


Professor of Neurology, Western University
Office: University Hospital A10-322
Phone: 519-663-3110
Secretary: Jennifer Moussa




Bio Sketch

Dr. Luciano Sposato is a Professor of Neurology and Head of the Stroke Program at the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), Western University, London, ON, Canada. He is a stroke neurologist and clinician-researcher, with cross appointments with the Departments of Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Anatomy and Cell Biology (Western University). 

Dr. Sposato is the inaugural Kathleen and Henry Barnett Chair in Stroke Research, is the Director of the Heart & Brain Lab at Western University, Associate Scientist at Robarts Research Institute, and Adjunct Scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute.

Dr. Sposato is the Inaugural Chair of the World Stroke Organisation Brain & Heart Task Force. Dr. Sposato holds several editorial roles in leading peer-reviewed journals in the field of Stroke and Cardiology. He is member of the Editorial Board and serves as Editor of the Neurocardiology Section of STROKE (American Heart Association), is member of the Editorial Board of NEUROLOGY (American Academy of Neurology) and JAHA, and serves as Associate Guest Editor for JAHA. 


Dr. Sposato’s research focuses on the Brain & Heart connection. He leads a multidisciplinary and translational research program involving epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies. Among his most impactful contributions, he described the clinical and pathophysiological concept of AFDAS (atrial fibrillation detected after stroke) and the pathophysiological process leading to cardiovascular complications in stroke patients, called SIHI (stroke-induced heart injury), conditions that affect over 5 million people per year globally. Dr. Sposato also focuses on the association between stroke and dementia, trying to understand how strokes cause cognitive impairment beyond stroke-related brain damage. He has published over 150 papers in Stroke and Neurocardiology and has been invited to lecture in 300 national and international conferences in over 43 countries from 4 continents. 

Medical Interests

Stroke, atrial fibrillation, Neurocardiology, brain-heart interactions, patent foramen ovale, relationship between stroke and dementia, oral anticoagulants.

 Honours and Awards

  • Dr. Sposato was received several awards for his research impact. He has been interviewed by The Lancet Neurology and International Journal of Stroke.
  • 2020, Outstanding Reviewer Award, STROKE Journal (top 20 member of the Editorial Board)
  • 2020, Top Reviewer Award, NEUROLOGY Journal
  • 2018, Best of Cerebrovascular Neurology, Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology.
  • 2017, Co-Chair's Award for Impact, Canadian Stroke Congress
  • 2016, Researcher Profile Highlight, International Journal of Stroke
  • 2015, Researcher Profile Highlight, Lancet Neurology
  • 2008, Mentoring Program Research Award, American Heart Association
  • 2001, Casasco Award, Hospital de Clinicas Medical Association
  • 2001, CEO's Annual Award, Hospital de Clinicas Medical Association
  • 1997, Best Scientific Study in Oncology, National Congress of Internal Medicine
  • 1997, Best Scientific Study in Dermatology, National Congress of Internal Medicine




PubMed Publications Listing


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