Multiple Sclerosis Clinic Fellowship

The Multiple Sclerosis Clinic is a patient-centered, interdisciplinary team of professionals who provide management and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and related disorders.  Additionally, the clinic conducts cutting edge clinical and laboratory research with local partners, such as Western University and Robarts Research Institute, and in collaboration with national and international research partners. The MS clinic offers patient-centered care for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Other subspecialty clinics as part of this fellowship are the MS comprehensive care and palliative care clinic, and the NeMO (NMO/MOGAD) clinic.

Learning Opportunities

  • Opportunity to work with MS fellowship trained neurologists
  • Opportunity to work within an active clinical trial program-exposure to new experimental treatment options.
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of MS and MS-related disorders such as NMOSD/MOGAD in the NeMO clinic.

The fellow will:

  • Gain clinical expertise in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and long-term management of patients with MS, both in terms of disease modifying treatment and symptomatic treatment
  • Develop the skills to correctly use and interpret, diagnostic tools such as MRI, CSF and other biological markers.
  • Participate in MS related educational activities: attending and presenting at educational rounds, journal clubs, national and international conferences and other MS related continuing medical education events.
  • Develop an understanding of research practice and contribute to the dissemination translation and application of new medical knowledge to MS-related medical practice

Selection Criteria

CV review; interview with MS team (zoom/skype if needed)

Application Deadlines

May the previous year (14 months)


Ashley MacLean,
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Casserly


 *If you are a sponsored international fellow, your sponsor must submit your application on your behalf directly to the PGME Office.