Western to host 2019/2020 Neurosurgery Rookie Camp

The Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp is an intensive two day course for beginning neurosurgery residents in Canada. It’s designed to help new residents “get their feet wet” with simulations of real-life patient scenarios in the clinic, emergency, and operating room. The simulation exercises expose residents to a wide range of situations at the outset of their training, providing them with experiences that would take years to accumulate in typical clinical training environments.

Neurosurgery Rookie Camp provides new neurosurgery residents in Canada with a jumpstart to their training. The camp uses realistic neurosurgery simulations to expose residents to the kinds of situations they will face as they progress through their five years of training.

By using a variety of low, medium and high fidelity simulations—including the world-leading NeuroTouch Neurosurgery Simulator—the Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp puts new residents into realistically demanding situations. This experience helps the residents develop their skills in:

  • clinical reasoning
  • problem-solving
  • leadership
  • communication
  • procedural technique

The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University will host the 2019 and 2020 Neurosurgery Rookie Camps.