Awards Day at the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences

Tuesday, September 26th was “Awards Day” in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences. Every fall, the Department honours residents and faculty members for their accomplishments over the previous year.   Dr. Chris Watling, Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education and Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, presented awards for Best Resident Grand Rounds Presentations for 2016-2017 as well as the Angelika F. Hahn Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching.Resident Award Recipients

Dr. Nevena Markovic, who has since joined the Department as an Adjunct Professor, took first place for the Best Resident Grand Rounds Presentation in Neurology for her presentation on “Posterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy” with Drs. Warren Berger, Lauren Mai, and Adrian Budhram tied for second place with their respective presentations on “Multifocal Motor Neuropathy”, “Infantile Spasms”, and “HSV Encephalitis Mimics”.

Dr. Faizal Haji received the first place award for the Best Resident Grand Rounds Presentation in Neurosurgery for his presentation on on “Hematomyelia”. Dr. Abdul Naeem received second place for his presentation on “Subdural Hematoma from Aneurysm” and Dr. Amparo Wolf received third place for her presentation on “Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury”.

Dr. Watling then presented the Angelika F. Hahn Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching. This award was established in 2012 to honour Dr. Angelika F. Hahn’s contributions to the clinical education of a generation of neurologists. It is awarded annually to a clinician who has displayed excellence in clinical teaching in the neurosciences. The award is sponsored by James and Harriet Ross. James was a patient of Dr. Hahn’s for several years over which time they became very good friends.

As a clinical teacher, Dr. Hahn’s legacy is one of unwavering passion for clinical neurological science. Over decades, her example inspired students and colleagues by her emphasis on a detailed neurologic history, where attentive listening and strategic questioning lead toward a diagnosis; by her elegant, skilled neurologic examination; and by focused laboratory investigations guided by current scientific knowledge. Underlying her exacting standards and her demands for excellence was her dedication to students and residents and her desire to see them reach their full potential.

Dr. Watling prefaced his announcement of the award by reflecting on the impact that Dr. Hahn had on his training.  He reflected on the teachable moments that occurred with Dr. Hahn; learning experiences that Dr. Hahn may not have realized were taking place but played a pivotal role in his career. He noted that “clinical teachers have the opportunity to shape the clinical teachers of the future.”Dr. Parrent and Dr. Watling

Dr. Watling then presented the 2017 Angelika F. Hahn Award to Dr. Andrew Parrent. Dr. Watling read from Dr. Parrent’s nomination which had been put forward by a colleague, a fellow, and the resident class of 2016-2017. “Dr. Parrent is truly deserving of this award for his strong commitment to clinical teaching. Beyond being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Parrent is universally loved.”

Dr. Parrent’s nomination noted his passion for teaching, attention to detail in developing the clinical skills of learners, dedication of time and effort devoted to clinical teaching, and the evidence of his significant influence on trainees which can be seen in both in the 100% pass rate at the RCPSC examinations undertaken by PGE students he mentored during his tenure as Program Director, and in the way that his students and residents are often heard to say, “what would Dr. Parrent do about this case?”

Dr. Parrent graciously accepted his award thanking the award’s sponsors, Harriet and James Ross, as well as those who nominated him. “You make me question the way I think about the things I do every day,” he said, “and for that, I thank you.”