Our History

Dr. Henry Barnett and Dr. Charles Drake

The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences was founded in 1969, when the former Division of Neurosurgery (within the Department of Surgery) and the Division of Neurology (within the Department of Medicine) were merged to create a free-standing Department of Neurological Sciences.

The idea took shape in the minds of two outstanding, innovative physicians: Dr. Charles G. Drake and Dr. Henry J.M. Barnett. The vision of Drs. Drake and Barnett was to bring together the varied specialists combatting disorders of the brain and nervous system - creating one multidisciplinary unit with a common mission: to study, to care and to explore. Their brainchild: the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences.

When University Hospital opened in 1972, neurosurgical services were delivered at two sites, University Hospital and Victoria Hospital. Today, in-patient beds, clinic time and elective OR time are consolidated at University Hospital. Currently, there are 42 full-time physicians (30 neurologists, 12 neurosurgeons) within the London system.

A characteristic of CNS has always been its collaboration with other departments including neuroradiology, neuropathology and pediatric neurology colleagues. Although they officially remain part of their home departments (Diagnostic Radiology, Pathology and Pediatrics), members of these divisions have been and will continue to be members within the larger Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences. In more recent years, interdisciplinary collaborations with neuro-otology, neuro-ophthalmology and neuro-anaesthesia have also been developed.

In this setting, the Department offers comprehensive, cutting-edge training and research for future neurologists and neurosurgeons.