Materials for implementation are focused on the Royal College of Physician and Surgeon's (RCPSC) CBD framework as Family Medicine has already launched Triple C. Make sure to go through the left-hand submenus.

Royal College Orientation Resources by Roles 

The Royal College has a comprehensive collection of all of their relevant materials, policies, and guides that you can sort by your role: Specialty Committee member, Institution Lead, Program Leads, Competence Committee Chairs, Clinical Teacher and Faculty Members, and Residents and Medical Students.
CBD Orientation Packages


Navigating the Key Players

From a Program Director's perspective, the CBME Organizational Chart shows the key players you will work with during your CBD implementation. This is also relevant for CBME Leads and Program Administrators (PAs).

Clinical Departments and Divisions: An overview of the clinical Departments and their Divisions at London Health Sciences Centre (University Hospital and Victoria Hospital) and St. Joseph's Health Care London as it relates to the residency programs at Western University.

RCPSC Disciplines: An overview of the RCPSC Disciplines (Specialty, Subspecialty, and Special Programs) as it relates to the residency programs at Western University.

For all CBD document suites, proceed to the Royal College website to search for your discipline. These document suites are fundamental for your launch and include your discipline's EPAs, Competencies, Training Experiences, Specialty Standards of Accreditation, and Pathway to Competence documents.