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Faculty Development Materials

Introduction to Competence by Design (CBD)

For a general CBD overview as it relates to any RCPSC residency program in Canada, visit the Background section of this website. This section will focus on CBD as it pertains to our context at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Faculty Modules

The following are online modules for your convenience. Completing these modules can be claimed under Section 2 self-learning: Podcast, audio, video for 0.5 credits per activity.

Any additional learning stimulated by completing the modules can be claimed under Section 2 self-learning : Personal learning project (PLP) for 2 credits per hour.

Click on this image to open faculty Elentra module


Faculty Orientation to Elentra


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Elentra Competence Committee Dashboard (for CC Members and Academic Advisors)


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Creating a Coaching Culture, Become a Feedback Sensei & Growth Mindset

With this handy "Quick Bytes" course, we provide quick retro movie-themed videos and short explanations of the key concepts in your role as a clinical teacher. Your time is limited, so we focus on what you need most to efficiently upgrade your teaching skills.

Program Ground Rules

Faculty and residents need to be on the same page when it comes to expectations around EPAs and Elentra. Program Directors, department or division CBME Leads, and Program Administrators need to communicate with their faculty and residents about the following and whether there is flexibility or if it differs by rotation:

  • The number of EPAs expected to be requested per day, week, or block
  • The number of EPAs expected to be completed by an assessor per day, week, or block