Associate Dean's Message

Simulation and Learning Technologies

Introducing Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) across Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s education continuum will place new demands on the use of simulation and learning technologies. 

Expecting all learners to ascend Miller’s pyramid - to show and do the competencies they possess, is at the heart of CBME. 

As many real challenges shrink the capacity to teach and assess in clinical environments, we will need to embrace some new opportunities that leverage technologies and simulation to support CBME. 

Almost every discussion about using simulation and technology in CBME concludes that “more” will be needed. 

This might be more standardized patients, more communication exercises, more simulated technical skills training, more theater based team training, more virtual reality, more serious games - the different modalities are multiple and increasing. 

While “more” is general consensus, the answers to the questions “How much?” and “What kind?” are still forming.  While seeking clarity to these questions, we will continue to build on best available evidence, education theory and sound pedagogy as the necessary foundation for effective and rational use of technology and simulation in CBME. 

I am excited to be in the role of Associate Dean Learning with Technology & Simulation and to be part of shaping the future of education at Schulich Medicien & Dentistry as we adopt CBME in all our education portfolios.