After Graduation


The question "what can I do after graduating with a BMSc degree?" is a common question.  Rather than thinking about where a degree can lead, students are encouraged to shift their perspective and explore/investigate the opportunities that exist after graduation and ask the question "is my BMSc degree going to get me where I want to go?".

With your BMSc degree in hand, you will be well prepared to pursue a wide-range of different careers, graduate studies, or professional schools.

With your honours degree you can pursue a graduate program in any of the basic medical sciences or fields such as public health, information sciences or management.

You will also have an excellent foundation to apply to various professional schools and programs. Our graduates have found success in medicine, dentistry, education, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary medicine and many others.

Our alumni can be found across Canada and around the world pursuing their educational goals or careers. Former graduates have gone on to careers in law including working in bioethics and patent development or in business focusing on biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry or research and development. Others have pursued their goals with government or other industry laboratories.

For information about various possibilities after graduation and details about where BMSc graduates are now, see After Graduation.