Completing Two Modules

BMSc students registered in Honors Specialization (or the Specialization in IMS) modules can:

  • complete an additional Major or Minor module offered by a different basic medical science department or by a department in the Faculty of Science (there are some Major or Minor modules that cannot be taken with an Honors Specialization such as Major or Minor in Medical Sciences, Major in Pathology)
  • complete an additional Major or Minor module offered by other faculties/schools with the following exceptions:  Major in Health Sciences, Major in Kinesiology and Majors in MOS (these Majors require that students be registered in degrees other than BMSc degrees, e.g. BHSc and BMOS degrees).

Note: it could take an additional year of studies to complete a Major or Minor module, depending on course selection.

BMSc students completing Double Majors must select both Major modules from those offered by the basic medical science departments.

Did you know???

That BMSc students completing two modules must adhere to the Common Course Policy if the same modular courses show up in both modules?