Proteus Innovation Competition

A message from Proteus.....

Are you looking to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test, develop new networks, and compete to win $7,500? Then Proteus is for you!

Proteus is a four-month, three-stage innovation competition that culminates in a live pitch contest. Launching on November 17th at Propel, Proteus will challenge you and your team to develop a viable commercialization plan for one of three technologies.

What are the three technologies? The three technologies range in industry and include:
  1. A Hand-Held Breast Scanner
  2. A Cloud-Based Data Collection App
  3. A Mirror Box for Lower-Extremity Therapy
Successful teams will also be given the opportunity to licence the technology and start their own company!
Not convinced yet? Click here to register for our launch to learn more!

Proteus Innovation Competition Team