Canada Graduate Scholarships - Masters (CGSM)

forwarded from the Directors of the Scholarship Divisions of CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC....

We would like to draw your attention to several points of interest regarding the Canada Graduate Scholarship Program at the Master’s level (CGS M) as the December 1 deadline for applications approaches. 
Past experience has shown that many applications not submitted in time were missing the required reference assessments. A tutorial video for Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Instructions for Completing a Reference Assessment Form is available. Please review this link to ensure that your assessments are linked to your applications well in advance of the deadline.
All relevant documentation has been updated and is available on the Tri-Agency Harmonization of the Canada Graduate Scholarships.  One of the changes to the CGS M eligibility criteria that we would like to highlight is the removal of the requirement for students to apply for admission for their intended program of study by March 15th. This policy has been replaced with students being required to respect the internal deadline to apply for admission at their intended program of study.

Please review the information about CGSM on Western's Graduate and Postdoctural Studies website.