The Undergraduate Awards

Western is once again participating in "The Undergraduate Awards." This is the world's only pan-discipline scholarly competition that reviews coursework from students in the sciences to arts and humanities, to social science and many other areas. Students selected for these prestigious awards have the opportunity to have their work published and will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Last year, Western had 2 winners and 27 students who qualified as "highly commended" - or in the top 10%, out of more than 5,000 submissions worldwide. This is an incredible opportunity for our students, and a great chance for Western to show its strengths on the world stage.

The target audience for these awards are specific to students in their final or 2nd last year of their undergraduate degree. It is open to all Western undergraduates in those years, including those at Affiliate University Colleges, and in professional, second-entry undergraduate degree programs (e.g. Law, medicine, dentistry, business, education). 

The entry deadline is May 31, 2016 but students must reserve a space in their desired category ahead of time by registering on the Undergraduate Awards website.

An information session will be held, led by one of our highly commended students from 2015, on March 21, 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the Chu Centre, 2nd floor, IGAB.

Please visit the Western International landing page for more information: