Research Funding for Post-doctoral Researchers

External Funding

See additional funding options on the website of Western Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.

See below for a list of featured opportunities:

Cancer Research Society - Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists

  • Consists of 2 parts: 1) post-doctoral salary award for one year for a candidate finishing his/her fellowship; 2) an operating grant once the candidate has obtained a faculty position in a recognized Canadian institution
  • $50,000 for 1st year; $60,000/year for each of 2nd and 3rd years
  • Deadline: April

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The Lalor Foundation – Post-doctoral Program

  • Basic post-doctoral research in mammalian reproductive biology as related to the regulation of fertility
  • Applicant may be a citizen of any country
  • Applicant should have training and experience of at least equal to the Ph.D. or M.D. level and should not have a faculty appointment (i.e., instructor, lecturer, or higher)
  • Applicant should not have held the doctoral degree more than two years
  • $52,000 for one year; renewal for second year possible
  • Deadline: January

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Core Fulbright Scholar Awards - for US applicants to come to Canada

  • Enable American faculty and professionals to conduct research and/or teach
  • For 2-12 months at a university or research centre outside of the US (such as Canada)
  • Applicants must have received a Ph.D. or equivalent professional/terminal degree
  • Deadline: American scholars – September

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EMBO Long-Term Fellowships - for European applicants to come to Canada

  • Awarded for prolonged visits (12 to 24 months)
  • Intended for advanced training through research
  • Deadline: February; August

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Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) - for European applicants to come to Canada - Long-term Fellowships

  • Up to three years of post-doctoral research training in an outstanding laboratory in another country
  • Third year of the Long-Term Fellowship can be used either for repatriation to the Fellow's country or move to another member country (such as Canada)
  • Fellow must either come from or go to a member country (such as Canada)
  • Deadline: August

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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions - Individual Fellowships (Global Fellowships) - for European applicants to come to Canada

  • For European researchers based in the EU or associated countries - they train and acquire new knowledge in a country outside of Europe (1-2 years)
  • Subsequently, these researchers return to an organization based in the EU or associated countries (1 year)
  • Support for up to 3 years
  • Deadline: check website

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Internal Funding

Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards (specific to Robarts)

  • For new full-time faculty (with an eligible research appointment) and post-doctoral scholars, who work in a laboratory at Robarts Research Institute
  • Award is $6,000
  • Deadline: March

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Western's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

  • For researchers whose PhD was received within 3 years
  • Postdoctoral scholars who work or have worked at Western are ineligible
  • At least one of awards will be an Indigenous Western Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Each award is $45,000 per year for 2 years (not renewable)
  • Deadline: November

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