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What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a science that deals with the chemistry of life, allowing us to understand biology within the context of chemistry. Biochemistry involves the study of the structure and properties of molecules in living organisms and how those molecules are made, changed, and broken down.

Who do I contact to get more information about Biochemistry courses or modules in Biochemistry?

If you are in years 1 & 2, contact: Science counsellors at the Western Science Centre, Room 191
If you are in years 3 & 4 contact: Undergraduate Program Chair or Academic Counsellor for the Biochemistry Department.

Who do I contact to get Special permission to take a Biochemistry course?

Special Permission is generally given by the Undergraduate Committee. Contact Dr. Derek McLachlin.

When are the restrictions and priorities lifted so that I can register into the course?

Generally around the last week of July all restrictions and priorities are lifted. For additional information, please take a look at the priorities list on the BMSc website.

How do I get on a waiting list for a Biochemistry course?

For Biochemistry 2280A, contact Dr. Chris Brandl, course co-ordinator. All other Biochemistry courses - add/drop time, first come, first served basis.

Who do I talk to if I need counselling or advice for the module I am in?

Counsellors are available for different Faculties/Programs. For students in Biochemistry Modules in years 1 & 2, contact Science counsellors at the Western Science Centre, Room 191.

In years 3 & 4 contact the Biochemistry Counsellor, Dr. Derek McLachlin.

How do I switch my program?

Make an appointment with a Science counsellor at the Western Science Centre, Room 191.

Who do I see, and what do I need to bring with me, to get approval for a course I have taken elsewhere for a Western equivalency?

You will need to contact the Department that offers the course - ask at the Departmental office. As much information as possible should be supplied - course outline, textbook used, hours of instruction, etc.

Can I reapply to an honors module?

Yes. Each year, students can apply to register in a module for which they have the required courses; this usually happens at “Intent to Register”. Note that entering year 4 only students already registered in the BMSc program may switch to an Honors Specialization in Biochemistry.

I am currently taking a correspondence/summer/distance course as a prerequisite for a Biochemistry course. Can I get special permission to register in the Biochemistry course before my final mark is known?

We will consider giving special permission if proof of registration is supplied for Biochemistry 2280A, but not for Biochemistry 3381A.

I am taking more than one module (major + minor, major + major, etc.) that has overlapping course requirements. What courses can I take from Biochemistry to make up the overlap?

You can take any of the courses listed in the Biochemistry Honors Specialization module that you will not be using to fulfill the requirements of the module. Thus, “extra” courses must be taken. Note that only half the overlap can be made up using Biochemistry courses; the other half must be made up with courses from the other discipline.