Congratulations Drs. O'Gorman and Welk

Congratulations to Dr. David O’Gorman and Dr. Blayne Welk on being awarded $33,000 toward the project, “Development of novel tissue mimetic models of urethral strictures.” Jointly funded by the office of the Vice-President (Research) and the researcher's Faculty, Western's Strategic Support for CIHR Success program offers three funding opportunities identified as Seed, Bridge and Accelerator grants.  The treatment of urethral stricture disease often involves harvesting a graft from inside the mouth (buccal graft). This can be associated with complications. We wish to determine if we can successful use a small number of buccal graft cells to grow a large piece of buccal tissue in the laboratory. This would allow us to potentially reduce the morbidity of urethroplasties in the future.