Working the plan

Student on laptop
By Jennifer Parraga, BA’93

The research was analyzed, the survey results reviewed and the consultations completed. The end result was a brand new 10-year strategic plan for Schulich Dentistry.

The plan identified four strategic directions and, within that, four major priority projects were identified. They included a new human resources model; the re-engineering of the clinical education operational, teaching and practice management processes and procedures; the development of a technology strategy and investment plan; and a new faculty development model.

The only thing left to be done was to begin working the plan.

Four leaders within Dentistry stepped up to the challenge and were joined by teams of faculty, staff and student volunteers to begin the heavy lifting and advance the strategic plan projects.

For nearly a year, the committees have been meeting regularly to advance their work. Meanwhile, the Dental Renewal Committee has received bi-weekly reports and presentations on the progress from each committee.

Dr. Henry Lapointe, DDS’82, and his committee have been working to build the optimum human resources capacity model and faculty and staff organizational structure to ensure that Schulich Dentistry is aligned and able to achieve the strategic plan.

Intricate and complex are two words that stand out for Dr. Lapointe when thinking about the work his committee undertook. “It was challenging,” admits Dr. Lapointe, who gathered all the information from disparate sources including surveys and retreats, and worked to develop a new organizational model.

In the end, however, Dr. Lapointe is satisfied with the outcome, and really pleased that his committee arrived at similar conclusions to those developed by Dr. Karin Van Ryswyk’s committee.

Dr. Van Ryswyk, DDS’86, and her team were charged with identifying the ideal clinical and teaching processes and procedures in order to implement the best teaching and learning environment.

Now Drs. Lapointe and Van Ryswyk are preparing final reports with recommendations to be reviewed and ultimately approved by the Dental Renewal Committee.

Dr. Walter SiqueiraAs the newly appointed Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs, Dr. Walter Siqueira enthusiastically took on the leadership to develop a new faculty preparedness plan that would focus on building the competencies of full- and part-time faculty. The committee working alongside Dr. Siqueira is continuing to meet and finalize recommendations for approval.

During the past year, significant technology advancements have been made in Dentistry. The new Simulation Laboratory and the Dr. Kent Floreani Orthodontic X-Ray Suite recently opened and the School is beginning to implement a new Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Plans are also underway to acquire and implement a new Clinic Management System. These changes factor prominently in the discussions of the technology committee. Led by Dr. Richard Bohay, the committee is developing a technology strategy and investment plan for the next 10 years.

In less than a year, two strategic planning committees are nearing completion of their work and two others are developing recommendations for review. It’s all been possible thanks to dedicated leaders, and faculty, staff and student volunteers who have been focused on achieving the goal of becoming one of North America’s top 10 dental schools.

Thanks to the Strategic Plan Project Committees

Project 1

Human Resources Model

  • Henry Lapointe (Chair)
  • Andrew Leask
  • Betty Holme
  • Deborah Lucas
  • Abdulrahman Al-Osman
  • Gildo Santos
  • Timucin Ari
  • Greg Jensen
  • Arthur Worth
  • Farah Sharkh
  • Pagah Mirzhakalili
  • Danielle Lampthorne
  • Norma-Jean Trask

Project 3

Information and Technology Strategy

  • Richard Bohay (Chair)
  • Jacinta Santos
  • Sergio Rodriquez
  • Doug Hamilton
  • Maha Nasser
  • Cornel Driessen
  • Jason Vincent
  • David Omole
  • Kim Scott

Project 2

Clinic Education Model

  • Karin Van Ryswyk (Chair)
  • John Tupper
  • Tom Mara
  • Jim Jean
  • Greg Jensen
  • Gildo Santos
  • Stephen Ferrier
  • Jennifer Devlin
  • Steven Injic
  • Michael Tiedemann
  • Michael Hornyak
  • Patty Pappas
  • Manfred Friedman
  • Ted Clement
  • Paul Malcomson
  • Wayne Baxter
  • Kim Scott

Project 4

Faculty Development Model

  • Walter Siqueira (Chair)
  • Ali Tassi
  • Brenda Davis
  • Tom Mara
  • Joe Armstrong
  • Elliott Gnidec
  • Paul Jackson
  • Manfred Friedman
  • Jennifer Archibald
  • Yulia Mulyar
  • Kathy Sadler